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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.0

Release Notes
This version contains :

- an archive with .jar files for patches to apply on gPM server 3.1 : 
Unzip the file and replace the .jar files by these ones to your gPM server deployment environment (<<webapp>>/WEB-INF/lib)

- an installable feature for gPM EF 1.4
Download and from your Eclipse platform : Help > Install New software > Add > Archive...  
Select this archive and follow installation steps. 
Change Log
- BUG 4146 : [gPM EF] When saving a sheet, the next screen should be the sheet in edition mode, even when an error occurs
- FR 4147  : [gPM EF] A preference should be added to decide choice fields default value behavior
- BUG 4148 : [gPM EF] A confirmation popup should be added for link deletion
- BUG 4149 : [gPM EF] ChoiceStringDisplayHint should be handled in link fields
- BUG 4150 : [gPM EF] Pointer fields inside link fields,should be handled
- FR 4153  : [gPM EF] Link management action (creation / deletion) should be displayed in menus instead of buttons
- BUG 4154 : [gPM EF] When executing an extended action from sheet edition view, a popup should be displayed when current modifications can be lost
- BUG 4155 : [gPM EF] Extended actions availability should be coherent with action access control defined, even if defined on states
- BUG 4156 : [gPM EF] Default value for a field is incoherent with web interface
- BUG 4157 : [gPM EF] Incoherent result of filter with virtual fields after an extended action
- BUG 4158 : [gPM EF] NPE in filter creation wizard, when user has no access to some fields
- FR 4248 : Addition of a search bar in the filter result view.
- FR 4235 : [gPM-EF] Refactoring of fields for inputData management