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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.1.0

Release Notes
gPM 3.1.0
Change Log
This version contains:
1-	Exporting an empty result of a result will now generate an empty document for all formats.
2-	Message “Do you really want to exit” will now be correctly displayed only once. .
3-	Changing the state of a sheet while importing a sheet on gPM is now correctly managed. 
4-	Changing the state of a sheet while importing a sheet will no longer erase transition history.
5-	Importing a sheet on a non existing product now raises an exception.
6-	ExternalSheetReference field will now correctly be displayed in a default PDF export.
7-	Filters using linked criteria will now displayed the correct results. It was not the case before depending on where the filter was launched, and because of an error with the operator AND.
8-	Deleting an attached file on a multiple field that contains several attached files will now work correctly.
9-	A GDMException is now thrown when using web services when asking for a report on a empty result filter.
10-	It is no more possible to import a user filter if the user does not already exist.
11-	Depending on the browser used, line break were encoded differently which was causing trouble during export of the database (deleted line break). Export will work now correctly without any line break suppression.
12-	Using SheetDaoImpl.getStateName method will no more provoke an error on IHM telling that the connection to the server has been lost. 
13-	The Sheet Creation date is available again (had disappeared in 3.0).
14-	LifeCycleServiceImpl.existTransition will now return the correct result. Since 3.0, it was always returning false. 
15-	DisplayType EXTERNAL_WEB_CONTENT and IMAGE will now work correctly.
16-	ValuesContainerDaoImpl.getLinkedElements has been optimized and should not take a long time to execute anymore.
17-	Performance have been optimize on access right (hasGlobalAdminRole is now cached).
18-	Performance has been increased on creating a sheet. This action was before calculating the number of sheet existing on the creating type. The information was available on the context through the extension point parameters SHEET_COUNTER. The extension point parameter does not exist anymore. This information is now available through a dedicated service in SheetServiceImpl class. 
19-	It is now possible to select two fields with the same translation in the filter definition.
20-	“Since” and “Other” criterion have been added to the xsd schema of gPM. It will no more raises an error when validation xml files containing these values.
21-	It is now possible to call the sendMail method in MailService with a new Boolean parameter which allows determining if the sendMail service will send an exception (resulting in a rollback) or if the exception will only be logged. 
22-	Developpers will now have access in the context to the updated links of a sheet with the not saved changes available in the IHM. A new extension point parameters has been created : CURRENT_UPDATED_LINKS.