Release Name: 1.3.5


gPM EF 1.3.5

Compatibility : gPM 2.1.2 + patches associated to gPM EF 1.3.4 release

Installation procedure :

- client side :
 Add new update site for gPM EF from .zip file (menu Help> Install new software > Add > Archive) 
 Update your eclipse platform with this new version.

- server side : 
 See procedure from gPM EF 1.3.4 


Changes : 

* gPM EF features & bugs : 
- [3909] [gPM Feature Eclipse] : field titles redefined in filter are notdisplayed

- [4054] [gPM (Eclipse Feature)] Pointer fields in sheets created using gPM-EF display wrong values in the webapp

- [4011] [gPM (Eclipse Feature)] Result field names that are set by the user are not taken into account.

- [4061] [gPM Interop][gPM EF] Column titles from filter results do not display correctly pointer fields

* Server-side patches :
 No specific patches for this version. Get patches from gPM EF v1.3.4

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