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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.2

Release Notes
gPM 2.1.2
Change Log
WARNING : the database schema has changed. A migration of the database is necessary to be able to deploy this version. Please refer to the the instantiation guide for the how-to. 

1-	New functionality : it is now possible to create a criteria on a date using operator “since X day(s)” or  “others > Last Week / This week / Last Month / This month”
2-	New functionality: it is now possible to create a field of type “Applet” to connect an applet to a field of gPM. See the documentation of gPM for further information. 
3-	New functionality: it is now possible to create a PostGetModel extension point on Input Data that will allow developers to initialize popup with data. 
4-	New functionality: it is now possible to set a size limit for all attached file of a sheet per sheet.
5-	New functionality: when creating a sheet and saving it, the sheet remains in edition mode, allowing creating links directly. 
6-	New functionality: there is now a refresh button on editing mode. 
7-	Some issues were corrected on filters :
a.	It is no more possible to select “Product_Hierarchy” as ‘Result Fields’.
b.	Empty value on category works now correctly as criteria. 
c.	Date criteria works correctly on PostGres. A regression was introduced in a previous version. 
d.	Saving a new filter while a filter with that name on that scope already exists is now displaying a comprehensive error. 
8-	The loading information will now correctly override all the others HMI actions. 
9-	Attributes is now correctly updated on the database. Old value does not remain.
10-	Duplicate a sheet is now based on the creation access right (and no more on the status of the sheet). 
11-	Pointer fields are now correctly exported when exporting multiple sheets from a filter results.
12-	Column names are correctly translated when exporting filters on several levels. 
13-	Using zoom on rich text fields does not block the application anymore. 
14-	Some exports of xml were not correctly formatted.