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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.0

Release Notes
gPM 2.1.0
Change Log
Note that the database structure has changed. You will need to make an import / export of the database to migrate from the 2.0.5.

1-	When a large text was exported to excel, it might happen that the text was cut. The user now knows that the text has been cut: a “# Partial INFO#” text was added on the cell. 
2-	It it now possible to have a description on a product type. 
3-	Add a new extension point parameter that allows to choose a default value result in a choiceStringDisplayHint
4-	It is no more possible to add a value twice in a category
5-	It is now possible to add an extended action under an existing standard action or replace it. 
6-	On filter, the Boolean criteria field is more user friendly (only a unique checkbox)
7-	It is now possible to use < > characters in filter’s name.
8-	Users can now execute filters on different product from a given product if they have the right. It will display the correct results. If they do not have the right, a clear message will appear. 
9-	Documents are now correctly released after instantiation.  
10-	When instantiating a sheet on an unknown product, it raises now a comprehensive error. 
11-	By default now, a filter is saved on “table” usage instead of “both”. 
12-	Display Hint url now works correctly with multivalued field. 
13-	In the filter creation popup, the depth superior to 2 now works correctly.