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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.4

Release Notes
gPM 2.0.4
Change Log
129 --> Correct an issue on instantiation file due to encoding problems.
230 --> Drop and Select sequences method are now implemented when using gPM tool to drop a PostGRE database
258 --> It is now possible to suppress an attached field which was not saved yet. 
284 --> Correct an issue on filters where the query was not correclty generated. 
This bug was happening when trying to access the same field of a sheet with two different paths. 
294 --> The behavior between FF and IE have also been harmonized : the input file field is now read only. 
309 --> The error message thrown when connecting using the external authentication without the parameter user-id is more clear. 
315 --> URL field can now have upper case letter
320 --> Correct an issue when a user with a single product was connecting to the application, the name of the process was not correctly displayed on the HMI
321 --> This an issue were some multiple fields were not correctly exported on PDF. 
322 --> A message is now shown correctly when trying to export too many sheets (by default the limit is 50)
324 --> gPM can now work without cache
326 --> Correct an issue when a pointer field was used inside a multiple or multivalued field. The data of the pointer field were not shown correctly. 
327 --> Error resulting of an extended action are now correctly displayed. 
328 --> Correct an error when user was editing the sorting of a product filter without being connect to any product. 
329 --> Executing an extended action will now correctly take into account the unsaved data of the current sheet. 
331 --> Correct an issue when modifying the container of a filter : the filter was no more valid
339 --> Closing a tab or a window resulted in a logout of the user but no message were shown to warn him. 
Now when user closes or disconnect a tab, all other tabs will display a pop-up asking the user to go back to login screen or stay on desynchronized window.
342 --> URL fields are clickable again
347 --> Correct a performance issue on administration panel with large number of users