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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.3

Release Notes
gPM 2.0.3
Change Log
Bugs :
-	212 : When creating a filter with a simple condition on a choice field, the choices for the choice field were unavailable after having executing the filter. 
-	224 : [Documentation] SRD should mention compatible version of IE and Firefox
-	227 : [Documentation] Documentation should mention compatible jre/jdk, tomcat, oracle and postgre versions. 
-	234 : Add a message to inform users that closing a tab on a browser closes the user session. It means disconnect him from all the products on the same instance he has opened on the same browser (in different tabs). 
-	245 : Add a message to inform users that in some case a sheet is still displayed but doesn’t exist anymore
-	248 : Correct some translations issues that were causing performance problem on creating/updateing/duplicating sheets
-	251 : Update a message of error : when trying to export several selected sheets, if an access was confidential, a popup error was raised but the message was not clear : it was displaying the technical id of the sheet instead of the user id. 
-	254 : ContactURL was not shown in HMI (regression from 1.8.x)
-	272 : Adding a scroll bar to popup of Sheet history to be able to show all the information in the popup if the sheet history was too long. Before some information could not be seen. 
-	274 : Correct filters when a criteria was using a field of a linked sheet. It was possible to execute only once the filter. 
-	282 : Correct filters when selecting a specific result field, it could happened that the focus move to the previously selected field. 
-	286 : Correct a NullPointerException when selecting a pointer field on multiple fields
-	290 : Correct the algorithm that calculate the access controls. Sometimes, the access control were not correctly calculated. 
-	291 : On IE6 – IE8, the button “>” displayed in group was not correcly working. It is now corrected.
-	295 : Correct an error on tree filter when sometimes a empty value could be seen twice. 
-	296 : Correct an error when trying to add several attached fields and changing their orders. 
-	298 : Correct an error when on existing filters, changing the container of the filters did not refreshed correctly the others panels, leading to execution errors. 
-	300 : Fix an error of internationalisation which was causing the application to load twice at startup
-	301 : A stack trace group has been added to exception popup in order to see the technical exception when a technical error was raised. 
-	 302 : There was still some missing translations which impacted performance. 
-	303 : Correct an NullPointerException on exporting result on a product filters.  
-	305 : Correct instantiation scripts
-	310 : Remove the project.properties from the packaging as it is not used anymore.
-	311 : Display the gPM version on the application and on the login screen. 
-	313 : When using external authentication, the HTTP header is now correctly read. 
-	318 : Correct an issue when logging with a login with a different case can lead to strange behavior (lock sheets for instance).