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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.1

Release Notes
gPM 2.0.1
Change Log
New features:
  o DM 317: It's now possible to execute filter with cosntraint on empty string fields
  o DM 428: A new display hint has been added to display a choice field as a tree
  o DM 450: The confirmation message, displayed when an user closes a sheet, is skipt if no field has been modified
  o DM 453: The displaying of links has been improved
  o DM 463: A lazy has been added on the link's loading

Major Bugs fixed :
  o Bug 146: Deactivate filter links if not executable, and hide them if neither editable nor executable
  o Bug 147: Correct role selector behaviour and when cancelling a role change
  o Bug 149: Correct Null Pointer Exception when http session expires
  o Bug 150: Add pagination when filter results are displayed in popups
  o Bug 151: Correct edition or name change behaviour for filters, now creating a new filter without deleting the previous
  o Bug 152: Correct CSS sheet to unify the display of arrows in any sub menu level
  o Bug 153: Update workspace behaviour when minimizing, closing, hiding or showing  the various panels
  o Bug 154: Correct editable property behaviour for fields and subfields of multiple multivalued fields
  o Bug 157: Correct extension points URLs transmission, removing the “/gpm” at the end of URLs
  o Bug 158: Add key word value $NOT_SPECIFIED for filters on choice fields
  o Bug 159: Correct empty choice fields’ values lists for template filters containing choice fields criteria when automatically opened in edition
  o Bug 160: Prevent users from selecting more than one occurrence of a result or sorting field in filter edition
  o Bug 161: Correct bug preventing users to create or save a User Filter
  o Bug 162: Correct the save of modified sheet fields when a previous save attempt had failed for any reason 
  o Bug 163: Calendar component is now initialized when clicked, with current value if defined or with current date
  o Bug 165: Correct login popup size causing scroll bars to display when login attempt had failed in some 16/9 screens
  o Bug 166: Correct sheet creation behaviour that was preventing users to create non-editable sheets
  o Bug 170: Optimize product selection popup creation (enhance the product tree creation behaviour)
  o Bug 172: The MandatoryFieldException thrown by extension points now causes the display of the missing fields references in error message
  o Bug 175: Correct datetime field behaviour, the time field is now automatically set when a date is selected to avoid saving problems
  o Bug 177: Adjustments in Airbus theme to unify fonts
  o Bug 180: Add translations for first step of filter edition popup
  o Bug 183: Update performance analyzer for new gPM 2.0 architecture
  o Bug 187: Factorize spring context for FacadeLocator and ServiceLocator
  o Bug 191: Adjust tests for null value handling differences between Oracle and PostGRE databases
  o Bug 193: HMI now handles Windows newline character in texts after migrations
  o Bug 194: Allow admin user to access administration panel even if no product exists in database. All other users’ login attempts are cancelled when no product exists
  o Bug 195: Correct multiple multivalued field behaviour, does not clear values anymore in multiple multivalued fields when validation fails when trying to save a sheet
  o Bug 196: In filter creation, no more exception is raised in multi containers field when no common fields are found. Virtual fields (necessarily common) are displayed
  o Bug 198: Correct generated excel files extension, now “.xls” instead of “.excel”
  o Bug 204: Correct infinite string fields displayed value in HMI which was empty when working with PostGRE database
  o Bug 209: Take in account export results amount limit, which had been ignore since 2.0
  o Bug 210: Correct file upload behaviour under Internet Explorer, now using only file name instead of not complete file path as file name. White spaces are now handled

The modifications of the following versions have been integrated :
  o 1.8.3 patch 3
  o 1.8.3 patch 4
  o 1.8.4