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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.8.3-rc1

Release Notes
gPM 1.8.3-rc1

The process for modify the CSS theme has been changed.
Now, two files must be update :
 - WEB-INF/classes/resources/configuration.properties : attribute 'theme.directory'
 - WEB-INF/classes/Struts-Layout_default.properties : attribute 'directory.css'
Change Log
Changes in v1.8.3-rc1

New features:
    o DM 325
        - The following service has been added on Web Services :
            - Access on filter data structure.
            - Execute a filter not saved on database.
            - Get containers and fields that can be used on filters.
            - Get available filters visibility.
    o DM 331
        - The following service has been added on Web Services :
            - Get available extended actions.
            - Execute extended action.
            - Get input data model.
            - Get access control on links.
            - Get available category values for a specific product.

Major Bugs fixed :
    o DM 292
        - Fix problem with ChoiceStringDisplayHint refresh.
    o DM 316
        - Fix problem of validity control on sheet cache.
    o DM 318 and Bug 92
        - Fix problem on filter access right cache.
    o DM 326
        - Fix problem of attached files deletion on sheet instantiation.
    o Bug 59
        - Fix problem of filter with criterion on boolean fields.
    o Bug 67
        - Fix null pointer problem on BusinessSheet where access rights are applied.
    o Bug 100
        - During import, the admin user cannot be erased : it is automaticaly
    o Bug 101
        - Fix problem during execution of filter with multivalued result fields
    o Bug 109
        - Fix problem during import of filter without criteria.
    o Bug 114
        - Fix problem of update of filter with only one criteria.
    o Bug 115
        - Dojo has been compiled to limit the number of file download.
        - The default.css files is not searched by the server : error 404 has been removed.

Note : All the applied into the patch 1 and 2 of gPM 1.8.2 are included in gPM 1.8.3-rc1.