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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.8.2

Release Notes
gPM 1.8.2
Change Log
Changes in v1.8.2

New features:

    - Import/Export Update (DM 264) :
        The import/export service has been updated to extend all the option 
        used for the sheet and sheet link import/export to the other type of data 
        (filter, user, user-role, category, environment, product and product link).

    - WebServices Update (DM 277) :
        It's now possible to update the content of an attached field value using 
        web services. 
    - Filter screen update on extended action result (DM 291) :
        The filter screen displayed at extended action result has been updated 
        to be the same as the standard one.

    - Override on links (DM 296) :
        It's now possible to override roles on links as it is for a sheet.

Major Bugs fixed :

   # DM 277 - A security bug on an import that contain sheets on several products 
             has been fixed. The access rights was not correctly taken into account
             on the products.

    # 051 - The error message, displayed when an administrator try to create a 
            user without specifying a password, has been modified.

    # 061 - It's now possible to define, on an input data, a mandatory sub-fields.

    # 066 - A sheet can be updated, using import service, without specifying its 
            identifier. In this case, the product name of the sheet and its 
            reference must be specified.

    # 073 - The value of a real field can be cleared. Before there was an exception.

    # 079 - The problem on attached file name during the import has been fixed.

    # 087 - It's not possible to access to the filter on products if the product 
            type is confidential for the current user. Before there was an 
    # 088 - It's now possible to instantiate a user if the encoding type 
            for the password is defined.
    # 089 - It's now possible to delete an environment even if it contains some
            category's values.

    # 093 - It's now possible to execute filter with criteria that compare sheet 
            state or sheet reference to a value with quote.

    # 095 - Fix problem with the gPM immutable list (ImmutableGpmList). 

Note : All the bugs corrected into the patch 1 to 4 of gPM 1.8.1 are included in gPM 1.8.2.