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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.8.1

Release Notes
gPM 1.8.1
Change Log
Changes in v1.8

New features:
	- Mapping between sheet types (DM 244)
	  A mapping can be defined between two sheet types to initialize a
	  sheet from an other of a different type.

	- Upgrade of import/export functionalities - Part 1 (DM 263)
            The import/export functionalities have been upgraded for sheets and
            sheet links :
                - Import/export can be realized with a non-admin role.
                  Access rights are applied.
                - Pointer fields can be exported with UUID or functional
                - Import modes have been added: CREATE, CREATE_OR_UPDATE,
                  UPDATE, ERASE...
                - Extension points can be executed (or not).
                - A list of sheet/link to export can be defined.
            The second part of this upgrade (same evolution for other types) is in the 1.8.2 scope.

	#001 - LOCK: Link deletion
		At the link deletion action with a sheet open in modification by another user 
		(locked), a stack trace is displayed instead of a user friendly message.
	#013 - LOCK: problem with admin role
	        Problem with a sheet locked by an admin: 
	            1- An admin modify a sheet. 
	            2- Close the browser. 
	            3- Logon with another role, the sheet is not unlocked. 
	            4- Logon with admin role, the sheet cannot be unlocked.
	#020 - FILTER : Product filter result
	        In a filter product result, it is possible to use the 
	        SHEET -> Display menu. 
	#031 - MENU : Problem in menu display with no creatable sheet type
	        The method FieldsContainerServiceImpl#getFieldsContainer do not 
	        check the access control by product.
	#032 - Problem on sheet creation
	        After a MandatoryFieldException, the error message is not displayed
	        and all values of the sheet are lost.
	#033 - FILTER: Problem with filter criteria edition
	        1- Bug with criteria group edition: 
	            * Create a filter with a criteria group with one criterion 
	            * Save it 
	            * Edit it the FILTER tab (on the left) 
	            * Add a second -> Exception 
                    2- Bug with two identical criteria on the same criteria group 
                        Add twice the field $SHEET_STATE in the same criteria group 
                        -> The second criteria does not display the list of states 
	#036 - EXPORT: Problem on format of exported XML files
	        The exported XML format is UTF8 instead of UTF-8.
	#041 - HMI: isOpened on DisplayGroup does not work anymore
	        isOpened attribute for DisplayGroups is not taken into account.
	#042 - FILTER: Reference is not present in filter tree
	        Reference has disappeared in result filter tree.
	#045 - EXPORT: Problem on PDF export of a multiple field containing a 
                        multivalued field
	        Consider this case: A multiple field containing a multivalued
	        field. An error is thrown during export. It is a ClassCastException. 
	#046 - Cache refresh after atomicIncrement
	        The element is not removed from cache after using atomicIncrement
	        method (atomicTestAndSet).
	#048 - FILTER : Repeated results (lock) 
                    Locked Sheets are displayed several times into a filter result. 
	#054 - InputData UI form send
 	        There is a problem on inputdata forms. The UI does not send form
 	        elements when there are too many fields (too many multivalued
	#056 - Products names are not filled on serializable links
	        When a link is got from web services, linked product information is
	#057 - Update empty product
                    The update of an empty product (created empty by instantiate)
                    generates an error when we try to put value in cacheableProduct map.