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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.7.1

Release Notes
New features :

* Dynamic List for link fields ( DM 150) : 
    Dynamic list can now be used for link fields.

* Attached file's field value (DM 158)
	The value of field "attached file" is no more the full path but	its name.

* IE 7 compatibility (DM 166) : 
    Some modification have been done to enable
the use of IE 7 with gPM. However this feature has not been fully validated yet.

* Help configuration :
    It is now possible to configure an URL to be
used as the help entry of the menu. This feature
was actually available in the 1.7 version of
gPM (But not documented).
Functional modification : 

* Filter's results (DM 135)
  No more cross product between results for
  a filter on several level. Each result
  corresponds to the searched container.

Major bug fixes :

* (Bug 614): Each link fields have a unique
  identifier (HMI).

* (Bug 642): For extended action, the fields
  value into the input screen are
  persisted when the user comes 'back' to the
* (Bug 853 - DM 155): Problem on category
  suppression through the HMI. All the category 
  values can now be updated through the HMI.

* (Bug 859) : Problem on pointer fields.
  An exception was raised when using pointer
  fields to linked sheet (unless for links
* (Bug 872-874): Update product deletion
  capability. All links and access control over
  the deleted product have been removed.
* (Bug 879 - DM 168) : Mandatory field problem.
  An exception was raised when a mandatory field
  value was not filled. Now a warning message is

* Mandatory sub-field not enforced.
  Now the mandatory sub-field are fully checked
  (value filled).
* (Bug 882): At the instantiation, the character
  encoding defined in the instance definition
  file is now respected.

* (Bug 884 - DM 171): Problem with exported value
  through Excel export. All field's values were
  not correctly exported to Excel reports. 
* (Bug 888): The links defined as 'unidirectional
  for creation' are now fully useable in
  filter definition.