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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.7-rc2

Release Notes
Changes in v1.7-rc2

New features :

* Use of pointer fields (DM 57) :
  - A sheet or link field can be defined as a
    pointer on the value of another field
    belonging to a different element. 
    Definition of pointer can be set to be
    automatically updated on a link creation or
    deletion (for sheet field pointing on a
    linked sheet field) or updated by the way
    of extension point commands, via business
    services API.

* New namespace support in filters names to
  allow a same filter name for different users
  (DM 97)

* Execution context can be specified from the
  caller (DM 79)
== User interface

* Non updatable multiple field values  (DM 98)
  - On field defined both as multiple &
    multivalued, "updatable" attribute is used
    to disable adding / removing values.

* Improvements of the messages translation
  in the WEB UI  (DM 99)

== Web Services

* New methods added to get product data (DM 102) 

* Support of the execution context parameter 
  (DM 79)

Bug fixes :

* (Bug 627): Bad display of link groups when a
  sheet contained different link types. 

* (Bug 646): Problem when a sheet type and a
  sheet of this type are created in a same
  database transaction.

* (Bug 647): Cannot add new lines on text area
  and rich text fields. 

* (Bug 672): Direct access in fullscreen sheet
  display is broken  (JSP error)

* (Bug 674): Redefined filters columns names are
  lost when filter definition is read back from

* (Bug 677): Problem when Delete / Edit buttons
  are used when no filter selected.

* (Bug 681): Error in filter execution when
  filter results include a field (non choice
  field) with ascending or descending sort order.