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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.6.3

Release Notes
This release is a bug fixes release.

It provides also a fix for major execution
performance problems with instances defining
a large number of dictionary category values.

This release is fully compatible with the
v1.6.2 release.

Bug fixes : 

* Using product hierarchy as visibility in a
  filter raises an error.

* Read-only fields used in input parameter
  screens definition are modifiable in the UI.

* (Bug 568) No pre/post create extension points
  called during the call of createSheet() method
  with a CacheableSheet parameter.            

* (Bug 559) Problem in execution / edition of
  filters using link fields. The problem is
  currently only circumvented for v1.6.x branch
  (link fields are not usable any more on
  A real fix will be provided later (in v1.7
* (Bug 576) The roles list is not correctly
  updated in the WEB UI when a user selects
  a sheet belonging to a diffrent product. 
  (this case happens, for example, in 
   multi-products filters).