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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.6.2

Release Notes
Changes in v1.6.2

This release is a bug fixes release.  It fixes some serious bugs present in v1.6.1, so it is
advised to upgrade to this version.

Bug fixes : 

* Sheet and product tree views were shared between several users, they are now stored in the 
  user session.

* Sheet duplication failed when it was executed from results screen of first sheet filter. 

* Javascript error on timeout screen is now fixed.

* Filter execution raised an error if this filter contained a field for criteria or result with 
  the 'confidential' attribute in its definition.

* (Bug 559) Workaround: Limitation of field data for criteria on sheet filter. Linked field and 
  link field can no more be use for criteria.

* (Bug 558) Exception on sheet creation via WebServices.

* (Bug 557) Allow removal of extension point using the 'instantiate' tool.

* (Bug 554) Exception when an user try to add a choice field as a criteria on filter edition.

New features :

* Support for global attributes in the instance definition files (DM87).

* Add two extensionPoints support: PreUpdateSheetLink and PostUpdateSheetLink (DM 63).

* Add two internal method allowing to get administrator privilege when needed.