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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.6.1

Release Notes
This release is a maintenance release which fixes some serious bugs present in v1.6, so it is
advised to upgrade to this version.

UI Changes:

* Sheet duplication is moved on
  "Sheet > Duplicate > In the same product"
  menu item.

Bug fixes :

* (Bug 532) Field access control for search
  edition and search result. 
  Fields having the 'confidential' attribute in
  definition are not selectable for filters
  criteria and results (DM 80)

* (Bug 541) Fix multivalued choice field
  contained in multiple field update.

* Criteria edition for an existing filter now
  preserve the selected choice field values.

* PDF export on filter result screen fixed in
  case of several report models.

* Excel export: Localize the cell titles in
  generated spreadsheet.
* Fix the selection of fields to export in
  selection screen for XML and Excel.

* (Bug 550) Fix the retrieval of multivalued
  choice fields on sheet modification.

* (Bug 526) Ecxeption raised on product filter

* gPM-tools-instantiation : instantiate over an
  existing database functionality with
  GridDisplayHint and ChoiceStringDisplayHint is