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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.6

Release Notes
Note: This release fixes some execution performances introduced in the 'rc1' release. 

New features :
* New grid component (DM 2) : 
  - New display hint 'gridDisplayHint' is added
    to the list of supported displays applicable
    to a String field. In this case the field
    content is displayed using a grid graphical
* Mail address editable (DM 23) :
  The system enables a user to fill a mail 
  address and to select a list of predefined
  mail addresses.
* Cancel button on link creation (DM 24) :
  Cancel button added on the link creation screen.
* Export configuration (DM 25) :
  The system allows the user to select the fields 
  that will be exported in XML and XLS format.  

* Filter Results Display Evolutions (DM26)
  Some fields may be tagged as hidden in a filter
  result. This can be used to sort the results
  according to a given criterium (field), not
  actually displayed.
* Filter creation help (DM 27)
  - Update of the help on filter creation
  - The name of the container selected is 
    displayed into the filter edition screen.

* Add of css into the display of a filter (DM 28).

* New 'get' URLs (DM 29) :    
  - See the gPM Specification Document for the
    description of the new 'get' URLs.
* New Combo Box with category name for sheets
  links (DM 36) :
  For sheets links, a new functionality enable to
  get a combo box with categoryName.
* Date format update (DM 43 - 4) :
  A 'dateDisplayHint' is added, and can be applied
  on date fields. 
  This display hint is used to specify a display 
  format for the date. 

* Acces Controls Generalization (DM47)
  - Full applicability context (role, product,
    type, state) is now available on every kind of
    access control.
  - Any access control definition can optionally
    define a set of attributes.
* Dynamic string list (DM 48)
  It is avaible to get a string list that depend
  of the context. 
  Ex : The product list that the current user can 
       get access to instead of the whole 
       existing products.

* Product Selection (DM 50)
  After a connection, a modal window enable the
  user to select a produc before getting access
  to the sheets management application.

Bug fixes :

* Problem on mandatory fields management (DM 13):
  - Homogenization of the display of Mandatory
  - If a field of a MultipleField is set to
    mandatory, the fields is tagged as 
    mandatory, but is is able to save the sheet
    even if the fields is not filled. 
* Problem on menu Traduction (Ref DM 17) :
  - At the build of the menu, the traduction is 
    done with the loginToken and no more with 
    the roleToken.
  - A new method is implemented to translate the 
    menu from the loginToken. 

* multiplefields toolTips not displayed (DM 18)

* Problem with role selection if no product 
  selected (DM 20) :

* Problem on access to sheet creation menu when 
  not availabe (DM 31 - 13) :  
  - Add a check on acces control at the beginning 
    of a sheet creation.
* User profile modification restricted to the
  administrator role only. (DM 31 - 24)  
* (Bug 476) Invalid access restriction on the
  delete button into the filter editor
  The "Delete" button into the filter editor does 
  not take into account the user role.
* (Bug 443)  Problem on combo box display (DM 45)
  When integer type or real type fields are used 
  in the filter criteria editing screen, any 
  'list' fields displayed below is rendered 

* (Bug 476) Problem on delete button into the 
  filter editor (DM 58)
  The "Delete" button into the filter editor does
  not take into account the user role. 
* (Bug 477) Deconnection picture not translated
  The deconnection picture is not translated 
  automatically. Update the deconnection picture.