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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.6-rc1

Release Notes
Changes in v1.6 rc1

New features :

* Web Services: 
  CXF API updated with the 2.0.6 version.

  A second version is designed, based on the serialization API. This new version does not replace the first one, the choice between both versions depends on your needs. 

The new version offers new features too : 
  - sheet lock and sheet revision management
  - extended actions and attributes support
The web services servlet allows to support both versions (to support web services requests and to get web services description for each version) 
  A second library (gPM-webservices-client-v2-1.6.jar, first version is suffixed by "v1") is provided to ease the development of web services client written in Java. 
* RichText editors grafical representation (Ref: OM2-DM3) :
	Rich text editor is replaced by the FCKeditor because of an existing bug with this widget.

* Modal popup for text field (Ref: OM2-DM4) : 
	Add of widgets popup type that enable to display full edited text of a text field. The display of all text fields into this popup is available by clicking on a "zoom" icon type.
* Modification of links display (Ref: OM2-DM5) :
	The "Sheet links" information block at the bottom of a sheet must be placed into an openable or a not openable group, as done for the "fieldgroups".
	The existing link must be arranged by link type.

* Add a GET mode url to access directly to a sheet view (Ref: OM2-DM6).

* Partial display option of the Tree view (Ref: OM2-DM7).
	Tree view option : Only branches, that the role of the user enable to get access, are displayed. Either on the branch node or on a sheet of the tree.
* IHM WEB Evolution (OM2-DM8) :
	Evol1 : Default set to the sheet FILTERS and not to the sheet EXPLORER, following a product selection
	Evol2 : Main zone is updated either to the choice of the product or to the click on the product into the navigation path. 
	Evol3 : In modification mode, Add of a button into the tag describing the URL type objects, to enable to access to the URL. 
	Evol4 : Changes into the tree result of a filter.
* Full internationalization of HMI (Ref: OM2-DM9).