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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.5.4

Release Notes
This release is a bug fixes release. It fixes notably some bugs related to the extended UI commands support.

Bug fixes :

* (BUG 366) : Exception raised in some cases when
  an existing search filter definition is
  modified and (re)saved.
* (BUG 369) : In the parameters editing screen
  (used for extended UI commands defining
  options), the multi-valued fields in the HTML
  form are not managed properly:
  the same 'id' is used for various form widgets. 

* (BUG 370) : Problem when an extended UI
  command with no parameters is run after another
  extended UI command including a parameters

* (BUG 371) : On extended UI commands applied on
  a search filter selection, the actual selection
  is ignored, and the full list of results is
  passed as parameter of the extended action.
  So, the action receives the search filter
  result while only the sheets checked by the end
  user must be passed. 

* (BUG 376) : Exception 
  'ConcurrentModificationException' is raised
  after the product selection screen on an
  instance defining a confidential sheet type.

* (BUG 377) : Extended UI commands are displayed
  in the main menu for the "SHEET_LIST" context,
  even in cases were no result are available.  

* (BUG 378) : Selection of a new role, or
  selection of another product in the UI throws
  an exception for any users having only roles on
  specific products (and no global roles)

* (BUG 379) : Multi-valued field values not
  handled properly in extended UI commands