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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.5.1

Release Notes
This release is mainly a bug fixes release.

The v1.5 release had a bug in tools initialization,
preventing the tool to locate the configuration files.
So this release must be used over the v1.5 release.

Bug fixes :

* (BUG 358) : Update of sheets containing mandatory fields
   reports an error on field values as beeing not filled
   (even if they contain an actual value).
* (BUG 360) : The sheet links are still displayed on
   the result screen after a sheet deletion.
* (BUG 361) : On IE6, a sheet update request is submitted
   twice on a sheet update, raising an error of
   'another user modified the sheet...'.
   However, the sheet update was done properly
   (actually, the second, and incorrect, data submission
    caused the error message)
* (BUG 362) : The configuration files dataSource.properties
   & config.properties are not properly located during
   tools initialization (ie: instantiate).
   This raises the exception message
   ".... Cannot load JDBC driver class '**' "
   when the tool is run from the command line.