Changes in v1.5 RC3

New features : 

* User interface improvements:
  - Support of images definition in the category values.
    Image associated with the category value is displayed
    in place of (or alongside) the category text value.
* Search filters:
  - Support of 'like' operator on choice fields.
  - Modification of method signatures in searchService: 
    use of the roleToken instead of userToken in
    filter execution methods from searchService.
* Translation support:
  - New 'default' translation allowing to define fallback
    translation entries (used when no actual definition
    exists for the current user locale).
  - Translation support for the dictionary/category values.
    Category values are translated when displayed in
    the user interface.
* Unidirectional links support
  - Link types can be defined as unidirectional for
    creation or navigation (or both). An unidirectional
    link is only visible / creatable from the source

* Speed improvements in sheet access / update service.
  The sheet update process has been optimized and can be
  now much faster  (particularly for cases where only few
  field values are actually changed during the sheet


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