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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.5-rc2

Release Notes
Changes in v1.5 RC2

This release is mainly a bug fixes release, closing a major problem when the user
interface is used on IE 6.

New features : 

* The gPM version is displayed in the user interface on top of the screen.

Bug fixes :

* A spurious error message 'Operation aborted' may be displayed on Internet Explorer 6
  on some screens. This problem, which occurs only on IE6 browsers (it does not appear on
  Firefox 2.0), makes the gPM user interface almost unusable on Internet Explorer 6.0

* The hierchical product selection screen allows the selection of any product defined
  in the database. If the user selected a product not available according to his roles,
  an authorization exception was raised.

* Incomplete results in search filters
  - Sheets containing an empty choice field (no values selected for the field) are not
    present in the search results
  - Sheets containing an empty attached file field (no file attached in the field) are not
    present in the search results

* The 'About' screen displays incorrect product version, and the text of software licences
  is not scrollable.