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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.5-rc1 (major regression on IE6 ! Use v1.5-rc2 instead)

Release Notes
[EDIT: This version introduced a major regression in the user interface when used on Internet Explorer 6 browsers.
The problem has been fixed in v1.5-RC2, so this newer version should be used in place of the v1.5-RC1]
New features : 

* User interface improvements
  - Toggle button to hide the left panel of the interface
  - Add collapse support for sheet field groups and history
  - New product selection screen, displaying the products hierarchically in a tree widget
    (this new view supplements the existing 'flat' products list view)

  - The DOJO toolkit version is updated (0.4.1 replaced by 0.9)

* Large string support: the limitation of the database backend for strings (limited to 4000
characters on Oracle for example) is fixed. 
Strings larger than database VARCHAR  max. size are stored in CLOB.
* Multiple parent support on product hierarchy.

API changes :

* The authorization service API has been changed to add the session 
token parameter in all methods, allowing to check the privilege level of the caller.
Bug fixes :

* (BUG 318) The authorization API service does use session token, and is open to all users

* (BUG 317) Removing a role which is currently used raises a database constraint

* (BUG 320) Some messages are not internationalized properly in the user interface

* An exception may be raised during the login of users having only roles on products