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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: v1.4.1

Change Log
Changes in v1.4.1

New features :

* Display automatically a sheet in visualization mode (if allowed) if a user does not have privilege to edit the sheet.
* Add some preformance improvements in the filter API used to get the visible filters.
* Add new extension points:
  - preDeleteSheet & postDeleteSheet
  - preCreateSheetLink & postCreateSheetLink   
  - preDeleteSheetLink & postDeleteSheetLink
* Extension points commands can abort safely in case of 'controlled' errors and report an error message to the end user.

Bug fixes :

* (BUG 308) Problem with the menu bar display on Firefox.

* (BUG 309) NullPointerException on the duplication of a sheet from a sheet type without any defined sheetTypeAccessControl.
* During link creation phase, invalid filter results when the filter defined for the link contains the product visibility "current product".
* (BUG 310) After user language modification, the sheet field labels translations are not updated.
* (BUG 311) Exception at login if the user has only roles on products and no "global" roles.

* (BUG 312) No ordering applied in filter results display

* (BUG 313) Table view filters erroneously displayed in the treeview filter selection.
* (BUG 314) Filters defined on "current product", created during instantitiation give no result.